Dear John Calgary

// 4/30/2012//

Dear John,

Summer has officially started I guess… Currently sending my resume out to everywhere in Calgary in hopes to find a place that will give me decent hours, hopefully in the mornings…This summer will definitely be interesting…

3.77 GPA so far with 3 courses marked, got to wait for the last 2 to see my final GPA… hopefully i get 2 more A’s.

// 4/25/2012//

Dear John,

You will always be terrible at studying…

It’s currently 11:14PM and I just started studying for my last exam tomorrow.

Well, I guess one more day until summer actually starts.

Vegas tickets are booked, d3 on may 15th, more and more volleyball, and a good friend is coming home soon… Those are the things to look forward to this summer.

John Lee

// 4/25/2012//

Dear John,

I asked myself why I still go to Church, and the only answer is out of pure obligation.

// 4/19/2012//

Dear John,

Well, school is nearing its end quite soon here, and another summer vacation is about to start. I did decent this semester. School seems to be the only steady thing at the moment oddly enough haha. I find it funny because I’m actually not extremely excited for the summer. I kind of became comfortable with the routine of school and having something productive to do. The people are chill and it’s nice that we are all grouped together in classes so we can all complain about the same test/teacher/assignment. Still got to start looking for that summer job… Hopefully not another summer at Sport Chek.

On a spiritual note nothing much has changed. Interesting dreams here and there about past temptations have come up. I had a dream about going to a Casino which abruptly ended due to my alarm. Classic. Interesting dream starts, and then alarm goes off. Haven’t been back to the casino for 2 years now and it’s not a streak I want to break anytime now, so I gotta stay strong. Stick to my addiction of volleyball and bubble tea for now.

Lab exam tmrw, and a quiz… Hey… remember when that one professor gave us a quiz on the last day of classes? YAY!

Anyways…. Are you married yet? (HAH…)


John Lee

// 4/16/2012//

Dear John,

While being ADD I found this.

Hope this is still funny.

John Lee

// Changing up the format. //

This blogs been dead for quite some time. A post here and there, but nothing very consistent. I haven’t blogged much because I really didn’t find it very useful, however after thinking it over for quite some time I’ve decided to change the format of this blog and make use of it.

The blog will consist of letters to myself in hopes that one day I look back to these posts and either laugh at how stupid I was, or just take some time to reflect on the good/bad moments in life. 

This blog will still be kept open for all to see. Feel free to comment or whatever, I’m fine with being honest. For myself I just want to be able to reflect on life later on in life…? (does that makes sense?), and for those reading I’m hoping maybe some of my posts will be encouraging, or you will just be able to relate to it in some way/shape/form.

So… Here we go first post.

Dear John,

Who AM I? (In Jackie Chan voice)

Right now I’m not even entirely sure. I’m 21, going to school taking a Telecommunications course at Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. Just about to finish my first year of a two year program :). I’m Christian, and my faith used to be a big part of my life, however to be honest it’s not so much anymore. Going through a period of change right now, I guess? It’ll be an interesting next couple of years. Still working at Sport Chek, still poor as hell, and looking for a new job. Today is Sunday and I currently need to study, however I feel extremely ADD right now, hence that’s why I’m blogging. It’s crunch time for school. Playing lots of Volleyball. Mmmmm, yeah pretty much just coasting through I guess.

Anyways I should get back to studying.

Hope future me has a stable job and isn’t piss poor :)

John Lee

// 3/22/2012//

Growing up…



Oh how stupid was I to say, “I can’t wait to grow up!”

// A while ago…//

I remember sitting in a Bible study and sharing my struggles with the group. That day it seemed like everyone had something to share that they were struggling with. That Bible study was made powerful at the end when someone said, “I’m glad we’re all broken together.”

As I sit here, I can say that I am quite broken at the moment… however God reminded me of this occasion tonight and it put a smile on my face.

It put a smile on my face not because I enjoy watching other people suffer in the midst of my own sufferings, but rather because it’s simply comforting knowing that there are others stumbling along the path as well.

I had a vision, and in this vision I could see a line of people going across what seemed to be a very difficult path… It was dangerous and full of hazards however no one ever fell because there was always someone there to catch them.

Even though all of us are weak, when we are there for each other we are strong. I’m thankful for all my brothers and sisters who have been there to “catch me” in my times of weakness.

If you are in a dark place like me, I hope this puts a smile on your face.

// Bring back the blroggging//

In a recent research study about Social networking I did a study on FB, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr. It seems like people are learning about Tumblr because it is the fastest growing out of the 4. There are many exciting developments in store for Tumblr and all of its users so keep an eye out! I haven’t checked in on my Tumblr for quite some time now, but maybe I’ll post a little more often.


(BTW Christmas is 1 month away)


Mmk may.28 spring mmmmmmmMmMmm sigh…

Mmk may.28 spring mmmmmmmMmMmm sigh…

A blog to look back on